Tuesday Tip: Looking for something different? How about a Diaper Shower!

Here is a great guest post for Tuesday Tips!

If you have an option to have a baby shower or diaper shower... choose diaper shower!

My story behind this is:

My grandmother and most of my side of the family live in Pittsburgh, PA and me and my husband live in Altoona, PA (2 hour drive to Pgh, PA). We decided that since my Grandmother wanted to throw the baby shower in Pittsburgh, my Mother in law wanted to do a diaper shower here in Altoona. Don't you know, I wound up with so many diapers from that diaper shower... they lasted over a year! Actually, I wound up giving away a pack of diapers just within the last couple months that had come from that diaper shower... I did not need them and would not use them since my son is being potty trained and they were a size 6 diaper... I'm puttin him him in pull ups.

Needless to say... diaper showers were a godsend! I didn't have to actually buy my first pack of diapers for atleast 2 months after having my son!

Since you will go through more diapers than clothes... opt for a diaper shower if possible... they totally come in handy!

Dawn Lidwell

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