More New Stuff! Introducing the Apples and Pears Collection

You know, I promise, I'm not going to limit my posts here just to products. It's just that right now we have a whole bunch of new things being added to the boutique. Usually I have something new to tell you about every day. This stuff is too cute to keep quiet about!

Lookie lookie!!

This is our new Apples and Pears Collection. We've got bibs, burp cloths,
and these adorable Mini Minky Blankets! They are 15"x14" and have ultra soft minky on one side. They are Soooooooo soft!

The feature I like most about it, though, is the built-in velcro strap that works as a paci clip or a way to keep your baby's favorite toy within reach.

The perfect lovely blanket! (and it would make a great baby shower gift, too)

These onesies are absolutely scrumptious! The cotton is very, very soft, and the appliques are also soft and pliable, so these will be very comfy for your little one to wear day after day.

I love it that the Apples and Pears collection will work for boys or girls. Don't you?

Check 'em all out here.

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