Pop! My Bubble Burst!

Before my son came into my life, I used to take a long whirlpool bath full of lightly scented bubbles while playing my favorite CD loud enough to drown out the sound of my own singing at least once a week That was the best stress buster I have ever found! After 4 years of being a Mommy, one night I decided I needed to do just that. Please God I prayed, at least one more time before my son turns eighteen and hopefully goes away to college!

My husband graciously agreed to take my son out to play in the snow for one hour. So I raced upstairs and turned on the bath water. My tub is a double size and it takes 50 gallons of water to fill it. After about 10 gallons, the steaming hot water turned ice cold. That never happened before! But I was determined, so I sat on the floor with my back propped up against the tub and waited for the hot water heater to give me more hot water. Every 10 minutes I tried again, and every ten minutes I got another few gallons of lukewarm water.

Forty minutes or more had passed and a friend dropped by for a visit. Thank God it was good news, but my tub water story doesn’t seem to deter her from staying a little longer. It took all the graciousness I had in my entire being not to push her out the door. Finally she left and just as I was about to retreat upstairs, my husband came home with my son. My hour, or his, I’m not sure who’s, was up! I hurriedly told him my story and ran up stairs to the bathroom.

I turned on the music, lit the candles, poured in the lightly scented bubble bath, climbed in the tub of barely lukewarm water, laid down, turned on the whirlpool jets and started singing and who should appear? You guessed it, my son. I think, thank you God, because just the other day he decided he doesn’t like to take baths anymore!

First my son asked me, “What are you doing Mommy?“ so I explained. He was satisfied for the moment and started singing and dancing to my music. Finally he got bored and left the bathroom. Ahhh… I thought, I really am going to enjoy my bath after all. When I emerge I will feel fully relaxed and completely stress free. I can’t wait!

Approximately five minutes later, just when I was starting to get a hint of what feeling relaxed and stress free was like, I hear, “I want to take the bath too Mommy!” I opened my eyes to see my naked son standing beside the tub looking as if I said no, he would surely die. Pop! My bubble burst!

I lifted him into the tub and he scrunched down in the water and walked like a duck all around me in the tub yakking away a mile a minute. Then he proceeded to shake his naked, bubble soaked bottom right in my face! Every little inch of him and his innocence was just so… cute, he sparked that special rush of Mommy love within me and all my stress just floated away

Elaine K Stephen
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