Sadie's Young Mommy--Intro

My name is Bethany and I have been married for over two and a half years now and also my husband Dustin and I have a beautiful baby girl named Sadie Lynn who is 7 ½ months. Dustin graduates from college this spring and I am working on my degree juggling motherhood, wife hood, school, and other family and friend activities is quite crazy, but fun. My daughter Sadie was born on May 25, 2007 one day before her due date which was going to be on her Grandpa's birthday..I guess she decided she wanted her own day for her birthday.

Now that she is 7 ½ months old I am just amazed at how much she has grown in such a little span of time. In one week she figured out crawling, pulling up to a stand, and sitting up after falling down. She learns something new everyday good and bad!! Like this week she thinks nap time consists of standing up in her crib and yelling Da! Da! Da!! over and over again...till mommy breaks down and goes in to check on her. She also has decided to move her bedtime to 9 or 10 clock instead of her 7:30 bedtime routine we had down so perfectly for months. I guess this all comes with the changes she is making, but it is very hard to adapt to such a sudden difference in our baby. She also has decided mommy is the only person who can feed, bath, cloth, and or do anything with her.

Sadie Lynn does bring a lot of challenges, but she is overall a very content and happy baby and I am overfilled with love for her. Being a young mom has its own sets of stereotypes also. I get a lot of grief about it from strangers in stores or some classmate joking around. It is tough being a mom at any age I think and I know I have the maturity, knowledge, and love to care for my daughter no matter what age I might be. I got married at eighteen to Dustin and I now have my daughter Sadie at age 20. I enjoy being a wife and a mother so is filled with huge rewards. My Aunt Erica asked me if I wanted to write some lil bits here and there about my life as a young mommy, I am enjoying being a mom and I like to think of myself not as just a young mommy, but also Sadie's mommy :)

Sadie's Young Mommy :)

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