Grandma Darcey--Intro

I am a native of Arizona. My husband and I grew up in the same neighborhood but didn't like each other until later we were 18. Been married to him for 22 years now. Still live in the same neighborhood we grew up in. We have two girls, 24 and 20. They have moved out now so we are empty nesters. And now we have three wonderful grandchildren. So we are busy to say the least.

Well, raising our girls was one thing. But being a grandparent is something else. You know, you hope you are doing the right thing with your kids. Teach them right from wrong, don't do this, don't do that. No you can't have a cell phone, or a boyfriend until you are 18. Just get through school first. Then you have your oldest tell you that she is never having kids and never getting married. Because how can you stay with one man for all those years. And she is the one that said to us, I am engaged. And I said really. Never getting married, huh. She said yeah well. Now she has three children and I was able to be in the delivery room with all three. I even got to cut my grandson's umbilical (not sure if I spelled that one right) cord because my son-in-law really didn't want to. But he did cut the other two granddaughters umbilical cords when they were born. And now being a grandparent is great. More coming later.

Darcey Shumaker
Avon Independent Sales Rep

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