Sadie's a Night Owl

After a whole week and weekend of pretty much no sleep my husband and I were starting to argue over the silliest things. Sadie Lynn seems to either have really bad teething problems or is deciding to be a night owl...As her mother who thinks she couldn't be rebelling against bedtime ( since she is such a good baby) I truly believe its teething. :)

We decided to get out of the house and try to get Sadie to be worked!! For the first time Sadie sat in her stroller like a big girl instead of just in the car seat. It was so cute watching her in the stroller looking around at all the different sights and sounds of the MALL!! OOo exciting..oh well its winter and the Mall is a warm and convenient place to go out to. Sadie cooed and talked while we pushed her around she also loved laying down in the recline position and drinking her juice. These cute moments wipe away all the lack of sleep and frustration. We also ran into my parents who gladly watched Sadie for a few moments while Dustin and I had a break ( I love my parents and parent n laws so much for raising us kids and also still wanting to help out with grandchildren!! got to give them credit.). We love Borders so we went there for some quit reading time.

This week seems to be getting better and she is just back to waking up 2-3 times at night instead of every half hour.

We also finally trimmed Sadie's hair this week ..just her bangs b/c they were touching her nose! So far she has had to have two bang hair cuts...this girl has tons of hair for a baby :)

Also another incident that brought laughter in our house was caused by me (mommy)....
After two and half years of marriage and living on my own...I finally figured out why the koolaid mixes got so bad after I moved out. I would buy the 20cent lil package to make some punch..lemonade etc...mix it up with water
and then dump it after every time it tasted horrible...thought that the company just got worse.
Realized tonight after trying to make it again and it turned out bad again...Dustin commented about sugar!! Ahhh another Bethany moment that lasted for a long time,...I thought the sugar came in the packet and totally forgot about that. oops

We were all laughing even Sadie seemed to catch on that mommy had made a goof. She crunched up her nose and did her silly lil face that she loves making when we all laugh. We love her so much :) Even at 2am ...

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