The Business of Being Born

Have you heard about this new documentary that explores the way birth is managed in the USA? Ricki Lake directs in this film that gives a message that people need to hear.

As a mother of six, I have had

a hospital birth with an OB

a home birth of a posterior baby, attended by a lay midwife

a birthing center birth with a certified nurse midwife

a c-section for a premature breech baby and a placental abruption

an unassisted home waterbirth VBAC

a c-section for another placental abruption

Watching the film trailer here I was moved to tears remembering my own birth experiences--particularly the very empowering ones. I was reminded that women are getting ripped off every day with the messages and management of birth in our society. Women are so used to the message that birth is dangerous and that their bodies aren't able to birth without intervention, that they believe the lies and allow their natural rights as women and mothers to be stolen away from them.

At the risk of sounding like a fanatic, I want to tell you this: Women, you are being lied to. You are being told that you are broken and weak. And for the vast majority of you that are forced or convinced into believing this, you may not even know what you are being robbed of. But you are being robbed nonetheless. And it is tragic. Truly tragic.

Take some time to watch this movie. I'm including some videos here, but you can also go to the official web site for more information, including info on local showings all over the world.

Wilmington, NC residents--you have a community showing coming up on Jan. 31. Also, the movie will be available through Netflix in mid-February. Do a search on for "the Business of Being Born" and you will find quite a few interviews, etc. to watch.


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