Where has my lil baby gone? by Sadie's Young Mommy

Where has my lil baby gone? Sadie is becoming more and more independent and mobile everyday.

She is still tiny and my lil baby girl but she has started trying to walk now and it just puts me in shock at how fast ten months went. She pushes behind her lil push toy hippo and walks all over the apartment now..

she also loves to hold onto our hands and walk around. I believe she is determined to figure out this walking thing
since she will cry sometimes and just get mad at crawling so we will help her stand up and then ta da laughing
Sadie once again :)

We also just recently moved to a two bedroom apartment...that was a crazy move and we are still unpacking bits
here and there...but the most exciting of all about moving is Sadie has her own big room now and she sleeps through
the night now!!! I was so used to getting up with her 6-7 times at most through out the night so it took me awhile to get use to
either getting up just once to nurse her or not at all!! Now I just sleep though :) It is so nice to sleep again....Friday night
she slept from 8:30-6:30 then slept in till 10am!!! Threw both my husband and I off since Sadie is usually our trusty alarm
clock between 7-8:30. And last night she slept from 9-7 so a full nights rest again :) I am just so thankful to God that she is
sleeping much better now and not demanding to be nursed every hour. She obviously needed her own space to rest better..she
even is taking naps better. Granted this might change due to teething or what not...(she is on her third tooth..getting them
all at once) but for now I am just so happy to finally get some goodnight sleep :)

The pictures are of Sadie playing at the Sciencenter...she loves going there and hanging out with her friends and all the new toys
and fun stuff to explore.

Sadie has this one friend who is almost two years old..his name is Aden...and they just love each other
so much its so cute...Aden will look around at nursery (church) for Sadie and when he sees her he yells out Sa Sa !! They hug each other, play together, and one day Aden decided to even carry Sadie around!!! that was a little scary turning around and seeing him holding her and carrying her...she was fine but it made both his mom and I hold our breath and run for the babies :)...Its so so cute
watching her interact with other babies and toddlers :) She loves other kids...as long as mommy isnt holding them we discovered she has a jealousy about sharing her mommy :) I was trying to help out a friend and hold her baby for a few minutes and Sadie acted like I had betrayed her for life...it was quite devastating for her...I quickly ran to her to let her know everything was alright...and I hope that she will learn to be okay with it. But for now Sadie has all of Mommy to herself :)

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