Traveling Toddler by Military Momma

Ladies and gents, May I call your attention to the center ring as I attempt the impossible. I, Momma the Magnificient, will attempt fly alone with my toddler, and arrive at my destination sane! "Can't be done!" You say?...

...I agree, but hey I have to keep the dream alive right? So, back to reality. Me being me, I set off to prepare for this fated trip back to the East Coast by researching and planning. We're not new to long hauls and traveling by car for days, being an Army family, but planes are different. You can't stop for potty breaks and the occasional "my butt's asleep" pitstop. Add to that Mommy's huge fear of flying, and the general chaos of going anywhere alone with a very active and antsy toddler, and it seems like an all but impossible feat.

However, I am determined to try to make the best of it. After all, at the end of that very long plane ride is HOME. Grandma. Grampa. Cousins, Aunts and Uncles. I just have to make it through 8 hours on a plane and a short layover to gain 6 full days of the comforts of home. I can do this! (Or so I tell myself.)

In order to make this trip as smooth as possible, I've compiled quite the Traveling Toolkit chocked full of fun little activities and, well, bribes. My secret weapon: snacks and a portable DVD player. I've also bought a toddler book about first plane rides, a coloring book about airplanes, and toddler sized headphones shaped like teddy bears.

I added a GoGo Kidz TravelMate (an attachment for your child's carseat that converts it into a stroller of sorts, for an easier terminal to terminal dash!) to my arsenal, and I hope that it holds up to my expectations. Most of all I just hope beyond hope that the Tantrum Gods are good to us that day. Be sure I'll be giving a full report of the effectiveness of my battle plan after we return. Wish me luck!

DebD, MilitaryMomma

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