Sadie's Teething by Sadie's Young Mommy

Sadie has gotten her first tooth...and it has made her very cranky so far. It is poking out more and more each day
and just the other day her Aunt Sophia found that she has another tooth coming in right next to the other one.
So Sadie is getting both her front bottom teeth all in one week! Poor Baby...

She also entered the phase of I don't want to sit still for any bit of time... She does not like her stroller anymore
and wants to crawl all over the stores we go into. At church she just recently started going to the nursery which
she loves a lot more than I thought she would. I was all worried the first time and came to get her early and she did
not want to leave the other kids or toys. Sadie is a very social baby...she loves other toddlers and kids..she will follow them
around everywhere and look at them with those pleading eyes and laugh as if she is saying "hey lets play" in her own
little baby language. So know she plays in the nursery while we actually get sit and listen to the sermon.

It is amazing to watch how she interacts with others and how she approaches situations. She has just started to try to walk
behind this little push toy. She gets very nervous though and tries to signal to me to come help. So finally she decided
to walk on her knees to get around is pretty funny but works fine for her I guess. She also loves waving at everyone ..
at moving cars, when people leave, and just for fun she waves and blows kisses its adorable!

Her Daddy has also gotten her attached to music that's upbeat and fun. When we play her favorite song she will bounce up and down
and dance all goofy like...then when the song goes off Sadie signs more more frantically. Silly Sadie :)

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