Monkey see Monkey do by Sadie's Young Mommy

Sadie has started to copy us now..which is both cute and a little scary. She saw me goofing around
the other day and I hit my head with a macaroni box while laughing about what to do for dinner. She saw this
and has not yet stopped hitting her heads on objects and laughing about it.
Also the other day we were waving goodbye to Dustin (Daddy) as he left for school...she copied us blowing kisses
to one another so super cute!! Then she gave Daddy a big wet kiss and me was one of those adorable moments. She now crawls everywhere blowing kisses at is the cutest thing.

We had a little special mommy and Sadie time the other afternoon and did each other's hair. She learned how to brush hers...mostly hits her ear and then tries to brush mine too..we also put lil barrettes in our hair and laugh at the mirror and wave at the other baby in the mirror. :) It was so cute watching how quietly she sat there waiting to brush her hair our play with the clips and look at all the pretty colors. I mean of course I would never leave her alone with all those small objects but she loved being a big girl and playing with them with mommy. It was very sweet.

We went outside last week while we had a good amount of snow and made snow angels too. Sadie was laughing hysterically when I would move her arms all goofy in the snow to make the wings for her baby angel. She loved playing in the snow even if she couldn't move in her big snowsuit very well. Ahh mommy always overdresses her. But she has not gotten a single sickness since she has been born!! thank goodness.

Sadie is napping now and I think Mommy (me) is going to copy her and take a lil nap too. Take Care :)

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