Bedtime Debate by Sadie's Young Mommy

We had this great bedtime routine down for a couple months...Sadie had a nice bath around 6:45 or earlier then books and prayer and nursing..then bedtime by 7:30pm. She at first fussed a bit about it but soon was fine with it and went to sleep. Sure she still woke up at night but she went to bed on her own. :)

After over a month of her deciding this wasn't working anymore she would stay up till 10pm or later and wake up lots through out the night. She cried when we left her at nap time at anytime. We finally decided to lay down with her at nap and bedtimes...we eventually put her in the crib but it works much better both ways. Sometimes we even nap with her. Both my husband and I worried about her getting used to us all being in mommy and daddy's bed and it does seem she prefers it. But after one day when she was too tired from not sleeping that she wouldn't even play I decided enough was enough. We had to get her to rest somehow. So if she needs mommy or daddy to soothe her so be it.

After this decision I have received feedback of all kinds...most negative of the letting your child sleep in your bed with you. We are first time parents and are just trying to get our daughter to get some good sleep so I figured till we move in August and get a second bedroom (hopefully) that this is are only option for now. And if she needs one of us for extra comfort ..I am fine with giving it to her. She is much happier to during the daytime and plays more. She still wakes up at least three times or more at night to nurse...that is another issue that is tough to ignore. I know she is healthy and able to make it through without nursing but we live in a one bedroom apartment so she knows mommy is right there and is able to nurse her. I will love the night she sleeps through..but until then I believe the best way to get her back to sleep is nursing or rocking.

Sadie has also been signing more about her wishes and needs which is very helpful for us in understanding what she wants. Her sign for mommy so far seems to be it is very cute how when she really wants me ..she will look right at me and sign milk as frantically as her lil hands can make it out. She has also bonded more with her daddy since I go to class two mornings a week..she has special time with Daddy. It is cute to come home to her and Dustin playing on the floor with her toys and her giggling.

She has also mastered crawling and pulling up on everything...:) uh oh

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