After over a year and a half of running The Baby Boutique, I've gotten a pretty good feel for what you guys like, and what doesn't meet a need. That, combined with my awareness that most of us have a need for lower prices all the way around these days, has prompted me to start making some changes here.

First of all, you may notice that some products are no longer available. I purged all the stuff that was taking up space but not selling well.

Secondly, we are now able to keep more items in stock here, which translates into several good things for you:

1. New products

2. Lower prices

3. Even faster service (because most orders move out of here on the same or next day!)

Starting today you'll notice that we have added several new products to the boutique, including multi-vitamins for moms and dads (yes, these can work for prenatal vitamins, ladies!), liquid multi-vitamins for children, baby-safe household cleaners, and more. PLUS, you will see that some of the prices have gone down.

In the weeks to come you will see more new stuff, and more lower prices, so this should be fun and exciting for all of us!

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