You Don't Want to Miss This

Hey everybody!

I hope you had a great Christmas and that you are gearing up for a fabulous 2009. I sure am!

I wanted to let you know that on January 1 all of my newsletter subscribers will be able to get a fabulous free gift from me. This is something that has NEVER been a freebie before, costs a good bit of money when purchased at the regular price, and you cannot get it anywhere else. You simply will not want to miss getting this! So, if you are not yet signed up on the NEW newsletter service, please take a couple of seconds to sign up (to the upper left of this page). Feel free to tell your friends and spread the word. People will LOOOVE getting this goodie completely FREE, but that deal is only good for one day.

Also, when you get set up with the new newsletter service you'll also be eligible to purchase anything (and everything) in stock at sale prices til the end of 2008. You can stock up on your favorite goodies, future gifts, vitamins, and energy boosters right now and help me clear off the shelves before I have to pay taxes on everything in stock at the end of the year. :) (My loss--your gain)

Have fun!

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